Hannah Robinson is a Registered Dietitian working in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her early childhood obsession with gourmet foods (read: lunch kits packed with pate, quiche and kumquats) inspired her to pursue a career in nutrition. Her food repertoire has since evolved, and she now works in the eating disorders field where she is able to help individuals regain trust with food, nutrition and their bodies. Hannah is passionate about helping people understand the science behind nutrition so they can break free from the confusing messages about health perpetuated by diet culture. She hopes that the Let Us Eat Cake podcast will help you ditch guilt and shame, and make food fun again.

Ali Eberhardt is a Registered Dietitian working in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ali was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and although she has lived in Vancouver for over 15 years she still considers herself a prairie girl. Besides her love of all things country music and Saskatchewan Roughriders football, she feels fortunate to work in the field of eating disorders; combining her love of nutrition with her desire to help people find a healthy relationship with food and their body. She believes that the body knows what to do with nutrition, food is much more than just a sum of its macronutrients and that the body can ALWAYS be trusted. She can’t wait to see where this journey will lead as Let Us Eat Cake Podcast starts the conversation about where we get our nutrition information, who we trust to tell us what to eat and when we can finally say thank you, not next to diet culture.